Wario Fanon is a place where we hope you all have fun on.  However, there are still some guidelines you need to follow.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in a one month ban to a permanent one.

Make sense of thingsEdit

This means do not add pages that have no meaning to anything on this wiki.  Though you can add anything you want to do with Wario, it must not be used as a way to bypass these rules.   An example would to be to make Wario a picture on the wall and nothing more for your own story.  Also please do not add bad articles.  Before writing, think about if you really want to watch the movie/play the game you are writing about.

Respect other people and their articlesEdit

Admin or not, respect is very important.  If someone makes an article, don't change in any way that is disrespectful.  Along with respect for articles, respect for other people is also important.  Do not cyberbully other people by calling them mean names or saying hurtful things to them.


Please do not use this wiki for your own advertisements.  Do not add self-inserts or advertisements for your or one other's product. 

Profanity, Vulgarity, Religion, and PoliticsEdit

We do not accept profanity, vulgarity, religion, or potilics of any kind.  Profanity and vulgarity may be offensive to some people and be hurt by it.  Religion may also offend those who are religious, so don't put anything relating to any form of real religion.  Political things usually end up in arguments, which we do not allow.  Please refrain from putting things up that include any types of these things.  The only exception for religion and politics is if they are fictitious and in the fictional universe.